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With “Prakash Deep AYURVEDA TODAY” we have attempted to revive traditional health care concepts, as we believe that “A Simple Tip Can Change Your Life”. We will keep carrying interesting articles on Ayurveda from eminent scholars and specialists from different fields of Ayurveda and be keeping you updated with all advancements in all the fields of Ayurveda in India as well as abroad


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Classical Ayurveda and Cancer
By Dr. Anil Kumar Mehta

Around 5000 years ago Ayurvedic doctors were already treating patients with problems of abnormal growth or tumors. Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita as well as the Ashtanga Hridayam, which was written much later, give very detailed descriptions about this subject...

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By Dr.Raghunandan Sharma

ANOSMIA comes from the Greek; an [no] -osmia [smell]. Of the five senses, smell ranks fourth in importance for humans, although it is much more pronounced in other animals. Taste, considered the fifth sense, is mostly the smell of food in the mouth...

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Human Sexuality In Ayurveda
Dr. venkata N Joshi

Human Sexual inadequacy is a major issue today from fertility onwards to sexual health in general. Because,theawareness though through school education is helpful but may not fulfl and eradicate with the every issue arising from successful martial relationship ...
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